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As previously stated the Club was originally formed by enthusiasts to further interest in motoring and to promote motor sport and this remains the main objective. There are, of course, many types of motor sport, all governed by the Regulations laid down by Motorsport UK. The most popular forms of motor sport at local club level are AUTOTESTS, CAR TRIALS and RALLIES and KMCC organises and runs a number of such events during the year, generally at weekends.

AUTOTESTS are timed tests of driving skill, involving manoeuvring a car between and around markers in forward and reverse gears without striking the markers.

CAR TRIALS are also tests of driving skill. In these untimed events the objective is to climb sections laid out on grassed slopes whilst also manoeuvring through an arrangement of twelve staggered gates. The higher you climb without stopping the fewer penalties you incur.

Both types of event are non-car damaging and can be completed in the "shopping car".

The purchase of an expensive competition vehicle is not necessary.

RALLIES are timed events of two types:- ROAD RALLIES, utilising public roads and generally held at night, and, SPECIAL STAGE RALLIES, generally held on private property e.g. forests or disused airfields but may include link sections on the Public Highway.

Of course, not everyone wants to compete. KMCC members are active in organising our own events which include; a National Championship Car Trial, the Motorsport UK and BTRDA Wyre Forest CT, and a number of Navigational events and Autotests.

We also assist in the marshalling and timing on other Clubs events, particularly BTRDA, AWMMC and WAMC Stages Rallies. The Club has been involved for many years in the organisation and running of a Forest Stage on the Wales Rally GB, a round of the World Rally Championship.